Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi from Manchester
We are in the last leg of our trip and have been in Manchester for a couple of days now. We've had a look around the centre of the city and out to Bury this morning to have a look at the local markets - the world famous markets (we've seen better!). There are some interesting art and craft venues here although the prices make buying a bit difficult. Tomorrow we head off to Dubai for the last fews nights of our trip and then it's time for home....... We are both looking forward to getting home - our own beds, our own space, seeing Nanna and our cats and Sophie, seeing the babies - Sophie, Liam and Wil (and their mothers I guess!), quiet and time to sit and do nothing - although James thinks we might feel a bit out of place and will have to take off and find a train to catch each day or go for a walk around Grafton everyday just so we can see the sights of the city!!!
Looking forward to catching up with you all soon - time for a good latte at Coffee Art girls!!!
Love to all,
Kerrie and James xxx

Monday, November 3, 2008

In Cornwall

We are now staying in our cottage in Cornwall in the fishing village of Newlyn. It is a beautiful cottage, well equipped with wonderful views across the harbour, up to Penzance and across to St Micheal's Mount. We have been taking it easy here and resting up from busy days travelling. Yesterday we took a short drive down to Lands End where the Atlantic winds sweep across the rugged coastline and are bitterly cold. It was freezing and when we visited the farm close by we came across some Cornish cats who were huddled up inside out of the winds after a hard night's mousing!!! The sign next to them said not to touch as they were tired and cranky today and were likely to scratch - very cute!
Today we have ventured into Penzance and are attempting to do all our internet stuff in lightening time as it's very expensive. So that said it's bye for now.
Love to all - missing you all and looking foward to being home again soon,
Kerrie and James xxx