Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi from Manchester
We are in the last leg of our trip and have been in Manchester for a couple of days now. We've had a look around the centre of the city and out to Bury this morning to have a look at the local markets - the world famous markets (we've seen better!). There are some interesting art and craft venues here although the prices make buying a bit difficult. Tomorrow we head off to Dubai for the last fews nights of our trip and then it's time for home....... We are both looking forward to getting home - our own beds, our own space, seeing Nanna and our cats and Sophie, seeing the babies - Sophie, Liam and Wil (and their mothers I guess!), quiet and time to sit and do nothing - although James thinks we might feel a bit out of place and will have to take off and find a train to catch each day or go for a walk around Grafton everyday just so we can see the sights of the city!!!
Looking forward to catching up with you all soon - time for a good latte at Coffee Art girls!!!
Love to all,
Kerrie and James xxx

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