Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nepal & India here we come!

Tomorrow we head off for the beginning of our next Nepal and India with our lovely friends Robyn and Kristen.
Photo from here
First we are off to Nepal - we fly into Kathmandu and then head across to Pokhara. That's it in the photo above - look at those mountains! And yes we are going to trek...for about ten days...and then spend some time looking around Kathmandu before travelling down to India. We plan to see Varanasi, Agra (ooohhh the Taj Mahal!!!), down to Rajasthan and Pushkar, maybe see a tiger or two!, and then up to Delhi before we fly home. phew...I'm exhausted already!
Hope you check in with us here regularly and leave us a comment - it's easy. Just click on the comment underneath each post and a new box will come up and you type in your message. You don't have to have a google account just tick anonymous...but don't forget to write your name in the message otherwise I won't know who you are! See you in Nepal.....I'm a little bit excited!!!


Anonymous said...

hi toots, been thinkin of ya, bit jealous really, hear the food is good and the scenery too, take care, dont trip up ! Love to James and Robyn and Kirsten, from Robyn and Neil. [ robyn is a good name eh?]

Anonymous said...

Hello from COWPER!!.. The home of the world renoun "2 Spoiled cats" and the "one fat dog thats lives with an ADHD nutcase" LOL..All is going great here with out you both... we hope your having a great time... Hope your foot is behaving itself Kerrie and James we hope you have found some sort of drum over there to keep your creativity flowing :)
Nana sends her love and is mowing the lawn as I write this.... And the garden is looking great!!... No thanks to a certain beautiful and tallented niece.
LOVE you both,
Jaz and Nana xx