Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello from Kathmandu. We have been shopping, eating and seeing the sights of the city. It's very busy, bustling and dusty at times and people are busy all day and night going about their work. The shop keepers are always busy trying to get you to buy something from them - if one more man offers me tiger balm on the streets I'm going to whack him with my bag!!! I think I've finally scared off the shoe shiners who want to clean my shoes - I keep telling them I like them dirty!
We visited Durbar Square in the city a couple of days ago - these ladies were praying outside one of the temples.

We hired a driver and guide yesterday and today and went out of the city to see some world heritage sights. This is the stupa at Boudanath - a very significant site for Buddhists and very peaceful compared to other places. We had lunch on one of the rooftop cafes here and watched the monks and nuns circling the stupa as they prayed.
We also visited Monkey Temple - and yes there are lots of monkeys there (and mangy dogs!). The monkeys were quite timid though and a little camera shy although not shy of stealing bananas from passing plates!
Sadhus in Durbar Square - very colourful admist the browns of the temples and city streets.
This is Patan - amazing temples. All very old and intricate wood carvings. We also saw what looked to be an advertisement or movie being filmed here. The dancers were a little weary - it had obviously been a long day!
Men playing instruments in Buktinath whilst a goat was being sacrificed on the temple (I'm not joking) and later cooked for a feast (no I didn't watch as they worked themselves into a bit of a frenzy).
A little weary after a long day looking at many temples with a long running commentary about all the gods by our guide - there's only so many gods you can remember in one day - then they all start to blend in to one!
This is our last night in Kathmandu and tomorrow we head off to Varanasi in India. We are thinking that the bustle here will be a little introduction to India!!!
Thanks so much for all your comments left on our blog - we love reading them and it's great that you are all following us as we travel.
To my DGO team - glad to hear that things don't change and that you're keeping up with the LS reports Paul - no I won't be going near an Aussie consulate anytime soon!
Thanks Mum, Jaz and Kaye for all your comments - glad to hear that all is well at home and the girls are being good. Will ring you more when we get to India and have our phone working (we hope!). Miss you all and think of you all the time. Love you heaps. xxxx
See you next post from India.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone its saturday morning, just saw your blog, photos are beautiful. Good to hear you last night, so good to hear James too. Ebony sends his love, even if I cant catch him! Love you all. Mum and Nan xx

Hi globe trotters! Hope your having an awesome time.. dont worry Kerrie your wine is fine.. down a couple of bottles... And James your drums are ok except the bass kinda has a hole in it... JOKES!! Have fun! Love yas Jaz xx
Ps, Liam, Sophie and Steve say hi!!

Anonymous said...

hello there hope you guys are having fun and keeping safe :) the pictures are beautifull looks like you have been to some nice places. bet you will be glad to come home and have a nice fat steak lol dominic is doing good growing fast he has 6 teeth now and theres another 2 on there way through so iv had a grumpy little man lol

take care love you lots and lots cant wait to see you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

love sherree jeremy and little dom dom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo