Thursday, December 2, 2010


We travelled from Varanasi to Agra on a night train - which was quite a good trip considering it was around 3 hours late arriving in Agra. Agra is not as hectic or noisy as Varanasi and of course there is one piece of architecture here we thought we might take a look at whilst staying here!
The Taj Mahal is just behind our hotel and without sounding too cliched is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It's amazing that this enormous building was built as a mausoleum for one person - although there are actually two people buried there - the Shah and his wife. The carvings and inlay work are amazingly intricate and it took 20,000 workers 22 years to build it.

Here we all are - happy travellers in front of the Taj!!

Yep - that's the Taj behind us!

Robyn and I in front of the Taj - all that art history study in high school has finally paid off!!!

From the beautiful gardens which surround the main buildings.

We also visited the Agra Fort a couple of days ago - beautiful palaces in very peaceful grounds. A welcome relief from the chaos just outside the gates.

One of the larger palaces.

James and his new abode!!! He's also ordered a gold Taj for his mausoleum!!!
Tomorrow we are heading off to Ranthambore National Park to find a tiger - or at least go looking for one. I'm not sure what the chances are but we will give it a shot. Than we head down to Udaipur which we have been told is quite peaceful.
We are all travelling well although we have had a couple of days of feeling a bit under the weather - our hectic schedule is probably catching up with us a little. I even had a visit to the doctor yesterday after having a reaction to the malaria medication we started taking a few days ago - and I have to say it was a very easy experience and probably the most efficient system we've seen since leaving home. Straight in to the doctor, quick diagnosis, he dispensed the medications I needed, told me the cost and wrote out the receipt - amazing and much easier than I expected.
Hope everyone is well at home and everything is OK. Don't work too hard leading up to the silly season and end of year. Miss you all and look forward to your comments on here and seeing you in about 3 weeks time.
Love to all from the happy travellers! xxxx


Anonymous said...

Hi there you lot! Just saw the blog, oh my! I have a handsome grandson! My favourite!
Loved all the photos. Comet and calf are good, but she still wont bring him in so aunty bailey can see him.
Been to town to robert Eggins's funeral. Then we had lunch at purple haze's new shop in shopping world. Lovely meal.
The kids are here and great, and Sophie's leading Steve around like a "gog"!
Love ya's all, come home soon.
Love mum, and nana xx

Hi! James, I commented on your facebook pic... Keep them coming! Kerrie, glad your feeling better.
Have fun! Hope you see a tiger..The animal, not the beer! :)
Jaz xx

Gill Lee said...

wow- the Taj looks pretty majestic in the photos...I imagine it would be amazing in real life! Great photos and love reading the blog- sounds like you are having a great time. Can't wait to hear about it in person. Love gill xx