Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tiger Safari

A few days ago we went on a tiger safari - and no we didn't see a tiger but we did see this....yes that's a tiger footprint....we all got very excited but the tiger remained elusive and didn't show her face. We were told that there was a tiger with two cubs in the area so I guess she had been up all night with crying babies and was having a little sleep in!
Ranthambore National Park very early in the morning...absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. It was lovely to get out into the bush and see what India would have looked like many years ago. The vegetation changed quite a lot within a small area - from grasslands and acacia trees to more dense jungle areas with lots of water ....perfect tiger country.
We did see quite a lot of other animals and birds though like this blue bull
Indian amtelopes
and spotted deer.
We also saw vultures, spotted owls, partridges, drongos, peacocks...lovely.
It was a very peaceful (though somewhat cold to begin with) adventure and we all felt as though we could have easily spent more time there.

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