Thursday, December 9, 2010

Camel Safari and Block Printing

We are still in Pushkar and have been enjoying a few of the things on offer around this area. Robyn and Krissy decided to go on a camel safari last night. Here they are getting acquainted with their camels in the front yard of our hotel.
And riding off into the sunset! Apparently it took quite some time to get out to their camp yesterday afternoon and they thought they were way out in the desert.....this morning it took about 5 minutes to return to town on galloping camels!!!
Yesterday morning Robyn and I did a block printing workshop Fiona arranged for us, with a local family who make their living producing lengths of block printed fabric. The piece above is 2 metres I printed in a 3 colour block. It was lots of fun and it was very interesting seeing and experiencing the process of block printing in this country - I picked up a lot of tips and ideas.
This young man was trying to understand my English - no he's not falling asleep...he was very patient!!! We had several family members helping us and there were also lots of other people around who came to watch the white ladies printing! It was really interesting being in the family's home and we got to talk to and hold the babies! as well as watch the family go about their morning activities.
Rob concentrating very hard on getting the registration right!
These are some of the blocks the family uses to print their fabrics. They are carved elsewhere by a master carver....beautifully intricate and highly detailed blocks. Apparently the family told Fiona that they were impressed with my patience and printing - maybe I could get a job here!!!
We are enjoying our time in Pushkar and it's great to be able to participate in things at a local level instead of being a tourist all the time and looking from the outside in.
Love to all until next post. Miss you all and can't wait to see you soon. xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Hello to you all, another great blog. The pictures are great. That grandson of mine is so handsome. Glad your all having a ball. I love the stories under the pictures. Hurry home, not long now. Cant wait to see you. Love mum and nan xxx