Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day in the Belgian Countryside

Today we took a train out of Brussels (a bit over big cities at the moment) to a town called Narum which is about an hour´s trip away. The town sits on the edge of the Ardennes and it was a lovely train ride through some very pretty countryside. The town has a citadel which we climbed (slowly!) and we were rewarded with some great views of the town and surrounding area. The citadel is an old Medieval fortress with a long history and had a total of 20 sieges when it was still occupied. It is built on many levels and there are places to sit (thankfully!) and admire the view around each level. We saw a squirrel up a tree in one of the beautiful parks up on the citadel - very cute. The area we travelled through today is bathed in autumn colours at the moment so is quite beautiful to see. The town of Namur was interesting with a real mix of the old - narrow cobbled stone streets - and the new - some great clothing stores in the main street (I looked but was very good and didnt buy anything - mainly because it wouldnt fit in our bag!). On our return to Brussels we bought some Belgian chocolates - yummmmmmmy! We have however decided that they wont travel well, especially as we will be stopping over in Dubai on the way home - so we´ll just have to eat them all and tell you what they were like when we see you!!!
Tomorrow at midday we head to London - we are looking forward to understanding the language (and being understood - the French here is a real challenge for me and James got an E in French last year, no help at all!); having more to watch on telly than CNN and BBC news (both of which repeat the same thing over and over and over - we can recite off all the ins and outs of the US presidential elections and the world credit crisis by heart!!!); and James wants a meat pie!!! Not, however, looking forward to the English pound exchange rate given that I´ve just checked the exchange rate and I need 29 cents more now for a pound than when we left - ouch! Oh well - you only live once!!!
Love to everyone - will add more photos next time,
Kerrie and James xxxx

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