Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last day in Prague

Some photos here for you to see - Kerrie near Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the distance, James having his caricature done on Charles Bridge.

Hello again from Prague. Yesterday we took the No 22 tram up to Hdransy - the Castle District in Prague - to visit Prague Castle. WOW! St Vitius Cathedral sits in the middle of the castle area and is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture with gargoyles, flying buttresses, tombs, arched doorways, beautiful mosaics, stained glass windows and soaring arches. We took the self-guided audio guide to tour the castle which was very worthwhile as it explained in lots of detail the history of the area and it's buildings. We also visited the Old Palace, Golden Lane, the Basilica and several other important buildings in the castle complex. Then we headed back down to Charles bridge where there are many artists selling their wares and James had his caricature done by one of them. At the end of a very long day we headed back to Visherad very weary but having seen some spectacular sights. This certainly has to be one of Europe's prettiest cities.

Love to all - will post again soon,

Kerrie and James xxx

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