Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well we are off to Brisbane tomorrow to stay the night with my aunty and uncle and then on Saturday night we fly out at 8:05. Most of our things are packed and ready to go and I hope that everything is organised at home for when we leave. Apart from getting ourslves organised I need to make sure that our cats, Sally & Lily, and our dog, Sophie are catered for when we are away. My mum will be looking after them for us so she is armed with a list of do's and don'ts and enough food to last a year apparently!!!
Our first stop is Dubai for eight and a half hours and then it's on to Istanbul where we arrive around 6:00pm on Sunday. We have a transfer arranged to our hotel and I guess some much needed rest before we start to explore the city on Monday morning - Grand Bazaar here I come!!!

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Roby b said...

Hello travellers, are you used to the call to prayer yet? have you tried the apple tea and kebabs.Its an amazing place and just thinking about it reminds me of the shoeshine scammers, rug sellers{ they all have a shop to take you to- take their card and go, and the lovely things to tempt. Mona is good and weeding your garden, cheers Rob