Sunday, October 26, 2008

In Brussels

Maarken - one of the fishing villages we visited on our tour, a working windmill (we got to climb up inside one of these and see it working - it made pigments for paint), Amsterdam from the canals, James recovering from the cold on the canal boat, wanna buy a pair of clogs!!!
Hello from Brussels. I have to say from the beginning if there are spelling mistakes in this posting I havent forgotten my spelling - this French keyboard is quite different from our English ones and there are some things I cant quite work out - like how to put an apostrophe in!
Since our last posting we have been in Amsterdam - another beautiful city, but this one looked very familiar. Some of you may not know that I lived in the Netherlands for 6 months, 31 years ago, so in some ways being in Amsterdam was like going back in time and almost felt like going home (sort of)! The city is packed with bikes, canals, cobbled streets, boats, tiny houses which are often crooked, people smoking marijuana openly on the streets (yes its legal) and working ladies sitting in their windows in the Red Light District (yep thats legal too!!). James was shocked - lets hope his Nans not too shocked I took him there! You havent really seen Amsterdam unless youve seen that district!
In Amsterdam we had one cold and rainy day but we spent that day cruising the canals on the Hop-On-Hop-Off canal boat which was a great way to see the city - and it was warm inside! Our second day in Amsterdam we spent on a bus tour of the Dutch countryside which was lovely. It was wonderful to get out of a city for a while and we saw Edam, Volendam and Marken which are picturesque villages not too far away from Amsterdam. Of course they were quite touristy with plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs but we did see a good cross-section of the Dutch countryside - windmills, dykes, canals, cows, goats, the Eisselmeer, quaint houses and much more.
The weather has been very kind to us until the last couple of days - its now turned very cold and today we are spending more time inside to avoid the bitter wind outside. After two nights here we catch the Eurostar across to London for three nights and then its down to Cornwall where we have a cottage booked for six nights. James and I are really looking forward to that especially so that we can stay in one spot for a good length of time and not have to repack the bags and travel too much!
Hope everyone is well at home - thinking of you all the time and missing you. Hugs and kisses for Liam, Wil and Sophie (Aunty Kerrie has been buying you some presents!!!) xxx Heaps of love to Nanna as wellxxx

Love Kerrie and James xxxx

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