Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Budapest

We are now in Budapest after another - hopefully last - long train trip. James is over the trains after being sick on the last overnight trip. We decided to change our accommodation plans in Budapest and live it up a bit - we are staying in a very new 4 star motel near the centre of town - very swish and comfortable to recover from our travelling.
We have just had a couple of hours walk around the centre of Budapest and it is beautiful - large ornate buildings, the Danube, statues, river boats, beautiful flowers, cobbled streets, good coffee, castle- wow! Tomorrow if James is feeling OK we will buy tickets for the hop-on-hop-off bus to see the sights of the city. Good photo opportunities abound in Budapest - will need to buy more memory cards for the camera.
Thinking of you all back home - we've had some moments in the past few days in Bulgaria and Serbia but managed to get through them and feeling good here in Hungary.
Still not able to post photos but maybe later on.
Love to everyone,
Kerrie & James xxx

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Roby b said...

Hey there, sounds wonderful and its excellent to hear thet you are catching buses and not driving! Budapest sounds great and I have heard that you can cycle into the middle of it with ease.We are still at B rock, up to level 9 on the random on the bike and got quite puffed, otherwise patch and I do level 5 on the dirt! seeya and give as good as what youget! x rob