Saturday, October 12, 2013

Au Revior Paris

Today was our last day in Paris. We took the Metro into the centre of Paris - working out how to buy the tickets was interesting but we were saved by an English man who obviously lives here and knew his way around a Metro station or two - Phew!
 First stop was back to the Musee D'Orsay to see the rest of the collection. Some great views from the top of the building.
 Including this gorgeous one looking back to Montmatre butte (hill) and Sacre Couer.
 Then we walked a few blocks around to Musee Rodin - the home of French sculptor Auguste Rodin. I visited here many years ago and it hasn't changed much. They are currently doing major renovations. Although The Thinker, Burghers of Calais, Gates of Hell and many other important Rodin works were there The Kiss wasn't. It's my favourite Rodin sculpture so I was a bit disappointed. What I thought was a reproduction of it in Le Louvre must have been the original, but it was much better seeing it in Rodin's house.
 In the gardens listening to music coming out of the trees - really truly!
 Burghers of Calais.
 Then this afternoon was the grand parade of the Montmatre Festival. Don't these kids look cute?!
 Oh and look at that cute kid taking photos from the safety of the apartment whilst his mother sweats it out with the crowds in the street.......
 Other groups in the parade represented the different harvests and foods - cheese makers, wine makers, etc. I'm not sure why Wild Bill Hicock made an appearance though?!!! He was certainly enjoying the limelight!
 And our last meal out in Paris and we ate.......snails! Yes we did - and they don't taste like chicken at all. But they do taste yummy!
 Did I actually just eat six snails? Yes James, you did!
So tomorrow we are off to Ireland. I guess tomorrow night we'll be having a Guinness or two!
Au Revior Paris. We've loved living in this beautiful city for a week and especially in Montmatre village. It's been fun!
Til next time - from The Emerald Isle. xx

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Lorri said...

Hi Kerrie and James...have loved your postings on Paris..looks like you are having the most fabulous is easy to see why we all fall in love with this magical safely to Ireland and keep following your adventures..lorri. Ps I did attempt to write on the blogsite earlier...don't think it worked...hope this one does...with love xx