Saturday, October 19, 2013

County Galway

Good morning to you from County Galway. This country just keeps getting more beautiful! We are currently in Spiddal on the Galway Coast in a lovely pub where we stayed the night. Yesterday was rainy and windy as we drove down here but it didn't take away from the beauty of the coast - in fact I think it makes for great photos! 
After we booked in to An Cruiscin Lan pub I went for a wee walk down to the harbour. Windy and choppy but gorgeous. Little boats bobbing about in the water.
 Looking out to the Aran Islands. A bit misty to see them clearly today.

 The black boat at the back on the right was being lifted out of the water and there were a lot of locals down at the harbour watching. 

 Right next to the harbour - which is just a block back from the main street - there is an old graveyard with this building which I guess is an old church. There were a few celtic crosses still standing.
 Gorgeous old trees covered in moss in the graveyard.
 And here's the pub we're staying in - cute?!
 Oh, and that boat they were lifting out of the water - there it is going down the main street!
So today we head to Roundstone - another coastal village not far from here - where we have a cottage booked for a week. Not sure how we'll go for internet access there as there isn't any in the cottage. 
Hope everyone is well at home and not suffering too much in the heat. We've heard and seen the terrible news about the bushfires in NSW. I hope that any family you have in those areas are safe and well. 
Take care - til next time. Love to all xx
PS Lorri - check the comments box on the last post xx 
Thanks everyone for staying in touch on here and Facebook - technology makes the world a small place and it's lovely to hear from you as we travel. We appreciate the time you take to contact us xx

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