Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The view from here....

We are now in Roundstone, County Galway staying in our cottage for a week. We are right on the quay and this is more or less the view we wake to each morning.....gorgeous!
From the cottage we walk up the road to O'Dowd's Pub - famous for it's seafood. And the Guinness is pretty good too!
Afternoon walks around the village find all sorts of treasures - churches, donkeys, back laneways, locals out walking their dogs!
Night from the harbour - we were lucky enough to have a very clear night to get some good shots. A local fisherman came up behind u whilst we were down on the quay and commented "You can't possibly be getting any good photos down here at this time of night" in his thick Irish accent. I think he may have thought we were a little odd!
And here is our new friend who followed us home one afternoon. The dogs here lead a charmed life wandering around the village and chatting to anyone they come across!
We are just up the road from Roundstone at Clifden at the moment having coffee and food so we can use the free Wi-Fi. There's none in Roundstone! 
See you for now. Love to all xx

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Jane Beeby said...

Should take my dog Nina there. She'd be in her element perusing the village talking to people.