Thursday, October 31, 2013

We've been to BallyK!

Yes we did! We went to Ballykissangel - remember the show? And yes, that's Fitzgerald's Pub right there! I'm sure I saw Brian Quigley driving up the street!
 The town is actually called Avoca and is set in a very picturesque little valley in County Wicklow. It was raining quite a bit so we didn't get to explore the village very much but we did spend quite a bit of time in another place here....
 My idea of heaven....shelves and shelves of yarns, the smell of lanolin, gorgeous colours...
 more colour and yarn...
 and these....
 producing these....yes we were at Avoca Weaving Mill which has been making handwoven goods since 1723. Today the looms are power looms, which means they're automated but still need human assistance to ensure everything is working properly. You can walk through the weaving sheds and watch each process - fascinating.
And these gorgeous throws are ready for the finishing process - washing, brushing, fulling.
 All the metres and metres of fabric which comes off the looms is inspected by hand for faults and repaired.
 And just in case you're wondering - yes I did buy something. It's very colourful, naturally! A gorgeous rug which may be just for decorative purposes when we get home to the heat!
And just further up the road from Avoca was this lovely place which has been our accommodation for the night - Woodenbridge Hotel. Beautiful setting nestled in under the hill with a running river under the bridge and pine trees all around.
Today we return our car and head into Dublin fair city for our last few days in Ireland.
Love to all xx

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