Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wild Weather and Moving On.

The wild weather has been and gone. It wreaked havoc across the UK and created some bad weather here in Ireland which we sat out in Ennis. Thankfully yesterday we were able to continue on our journey south and east although with some revised plans. We did backtrack yesterday morning and saw the Cliffs of Moher before we headed east. They are very spectacular and the conditions at the cliffs were still pretty wild. One man was blown over by a gust of wind and it was very difficult to get decent shots as the wind was so strong I couldn't hold the camera very steady. The spray was coming up from the sea - a pretty mean feat as it's a long way down! 
 The shiny patches in the the grass in this shot is the grass being laid flat by the wind.
 We then headed east. Unfortunately we had to decide that going further south was probably going to mean we would be rushing too much, so we didn't get to go down to the Ring of Kerry. We headed for Cashel which is about half way across this part of Ireland.
This morning we walked up through green fields to see the Rock of Cashel. It has a fascinating history dating back to the 4th century. It's been the home to kings, bishops and monks and sits high above the surrounding area. It was bitterly cold there this morning even though the sun was shining brightly.
 It's surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful agricultural land - the best in Europe apparently (according to our guide).
 There is significant preservation work going on to ensure that the buildings don't erode and decay any further. Amazing amount of money being spent on it to preserve what is still there. This gorgeous gothic church had secret steps and and walkways in the walls so the treasures could be secured and protected from enemies when they approached. It was a real fortress as well as a place of worship. You could walk right around the building and to connecting buildings without ever stepping foot on the ground.
 The cows were coming home....literally!
 The round tower where a watch was kept to protect the inhabitants.
 Cashel is a very pretty town.  

Tonight we are near Wexford on the east coast. The landscape is very different here to the west - such big changes in small distances. Tomorrow we head north from here and have one last night before we head back in to Dublin and return our car. Then it's four nights in Dublin fair city before we start our way home. Where has the time gone?
Hope you are all well at home. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon - but I've a few more Guinness to drink before then!!!
Love to all xx

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